Increasing salaries, a condition to end the strike

Increasing salaries by 15 percent and better working conditions are two of the requirements of the health workers. These were the words Sabri Cakaj from the Health Trade Union said on Friday night’s program of Info Magazine on Klan Kosova. According to him, despite the fact that these requirements are very simple, they are not being fulfilled by the ministry.

"The health situation in Kosovo is catastrophic. After discussions, we decided to streamline our dissatisfaction through protests. Our requests were initially more enhanced, but after the meeting with Ministry of Health officials, in principle, we have agreed that the Law on Health Insurance, salaries and premiums are not immediate” Cakaj said.

Mr. Cakaj, warned that if the requirements of the health workers are not fulfilled, the strike will continue in the next days.

His conclusions were not supported by the Deputy Minister of Health, Izet Sadiku. He said that the realization of the doctor’s demands can be achieved only through cooperation and not by threatening to strike.

"The trade union now has only one request: salary increases. We want to increase the funds for health. To improve services, but also to increase salaries for workers, according to their performance.  We also intend the licensing of health workers, who are still working with 'political licenses’. We expect that this process should be completed by June. So there is no reason to strike, Mr. Sadiku said, in the Info Magazine program on Klan Kosova.

Social dialogue is implemented in cooperation with the Kosovar Stability Initiative (IKS) and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES).

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