Labour and Employment

This report is part of the activities that are planned for the implementation of the Support to Social Partners Project funded by EU Office in Kosovo. Specifically, the project contributes to “Developing skills and knowledge of social partners in legislative drafting, legal research and analysis”, “Strengthen the administrative and management capacities of social partners”, “Strengthen the capacities of social partners in advocacy, lobbying, and negotiations”, and “Facilitating the organizational reform of social partners”.

The report represents a direct support to the work of Social and Economic Council (SEC), which legally is in charge of facilitating tripartite social dialogue in the country. This report is the SSP project contribution to feeding information collected in the field to the discussions in SEC. Active secretarial support has also been provided to SEC, which combined with the digitalization of SEC materials is aimed at improving process management within this body.

The project is streamlined with ongoing processes and has taken into consideration all major events and programs taking place during the implementation period. The approach of harmonizing all project activities into ongoing processes of other actors is perceived to be the most adequate for obtaining the most qualitative results. As such, some of the project activities are dependent on processes and stakeholder cooperation, and cannot be implemented without their participation.

The purpose of this survey with the general population is to assess the following: 

  • The level of public awareness and knowledge about social policies;
  • The level of public opinion and attitude towards welfare systems and level of protection desired by citizens;
  • Public attitude towards illegal migration;
  • Expectations and attitudes of the general public towards social and employment policies;
  • Individual savings habits and attitudes of the general public.

The findings from this research should be used by members of Socio-Economic Council and the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare as citizen feedback on priority policies and reliable information to be used for decision-making. Hence, institutional representatives are the primary audience of this report, but other stakeholders such as social partners, international donor organizations, Kosovo parliament, political parties, Civil Society Organization (CSO’s), media, as well as the general public, are also targeted with this report. Given the scarcity of literature and research in the topics covered by the report, the information presented herein can also be used by students and academia in their work.

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