Warning of Growth of Wages Continuing Pre-elections?

A possibility of increased salaries for civil servants in the education and health sector was the next topic within the cycle of debate on social dialogue. Guests invited to the debate were: Blerim Syla, Chairman of the Health Union, Rrahman Jashari, Chairman of the Joint Trade Union of Education, Science and Culture, and Ibrahim Rexhepi, a cognizant of the field of economics.

Chairman of the Syndicate of Health, Blerim Syla, voiced his suspicions about the seriousness of news on salary increases in the sectors mentioned.

“This is not a decision but just a wage increase warning, which I think is more of a pre-election promise,” Syla said.

Syla said that the Law on Salaries is far more important than the proposal of Prime Minister Mustafa for salary increases.

“The minimum wage reflects all other standards, the most important is the Law on Salaries than the salary increase. It is time to not be deceived anymore with these types of salary increases, “Syla added.


He warned that the Federation of Health Services of Kosovo – KSA on May 17 will hold protests in front of the Government of Kosovo’s facility with the request for full repeal of the law on wages, a law which according to the federation is discriminatory to health workers.

On the other hand, the chairman of the United Union of Education, Science and Culture, Rrahman Jashari, said that if Prime Minister Mustafa does not announce the salary increase, there will be consequences.

Ibrahim Rexhepi, an expert in the field of economy, predicted that even if the promises of pay is realized, the increase will not be high. 

“While the law is not functioning, the workers will be misused and the blame will go directly to the government”, Rexhepi said. He also noted the stagnation that, according to him, was in the private sector.

“The pressure is very high as the private sector has stalled in wage growth. In this sector, there are obvious problems with pay, workers will leave, “Rexhepi said.

The cycle of debates on social dialogue is implemented in cooperation with the Kosovar Stability Initiative (IKS) and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES).

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