Magazina Lokale – Municipal elections in Prizren

Economy, employment, social welfare, education and cultural heritage in the municipality of Prizren, where the topics discussed in Klan Kosova program dedicated to the local elections with candidates running, Local Magazine.

Invitees to the program were: Shaqir Totaj from PDK, Hatim Baxhaku from LDK, Mytaher Haskuka from Vetevendosje, Zafir Berisha from Nisma, Lulzim Kabashi from AAK and Osman Krasniqi from AKR. The candidates of the six political entities unveiled their plans for the municipality of Prizren.

The program is implemented in cooperation with Kosovar Stability Initiative (IKS) and Friedrich Ebbert Foundation.

The link of this debate can be found here: