Governance and Education Challenges
Magazina Zgjedhore
Salary Increase for Civil Servants
1st of May, of Workers Rights
Challenges of Pension Law
What are the Doctors Requesting from the Government?
Challenges of Social Dialogue
Florina Duli, Executive Director of IKS, Tuesday's Salons
Elections in BSPK
Where does the health insurance remain?
Challenges of Social Dialogue during 2016
The functions of Trade Unions in Kosovo
Women in Relation to the New Pension Scheme
Alternative of Vetevendosja for Pensions
Interventions in the Pension Fund
Challenges of Social Dialogue
Social Welfare Policies
BSPK Facing Social Dialogue Challenges
Health Insurance
What Are the Pensioners Requesting?
What is the Impact of the Fund for Veterans?
Increase of Contributory Pensions
Challenges of Maternity Law
1st of May, Between Festivity and Protest
Research: Citizens Perception of Social State
Economic Chambers Towards Social Dialogue
8th of March, Women, Employment and Representation
Employment Experience in the 90's
Safety at Work
Employment of Young People
Collective Contracts
From a House, to a Museum
Conservation and Restoration of the Church of St. Nicholas in Bogosevo
Conservation and Restoration of the Church of St. Nicholas in Bogosevo
Vjosa Rogova Damoni in the Morning Program in RTK
IKS in Top Channel
IKS in Top Channel, Challenges of Thaqi
IKS in Top Channel, Challenges of Thaqi, Part One
IKS in Radio Kosova
IKS for Political Economy of Gjakova in TV21
Unleashing Change (second part)
Unleashing Change (first part)
IKS in Radio Dugagjini
IKS in Radio Blue Sky
Unleash Change in KTV News
IKS in Interaktiv
IKS in 'Shqip'
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IKS in Jeta në Kosovë
IKS ne "Jeta ne Kosove" 2
IKS in Jeta në Kosovë 1
Who is the Boss 2
Who is the Boss 1
Governance Challenges, Economic Development
Governance Challenges, Health and Social Schemes