Kosovar Stability Initiative has contributed to fighting corruption by being engaged in monitoring of public services, denouncing bribery, increasing awareness, as well as contributing in implementing international anti-corruption instruments.

ANTICORRP is one research project financed through the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission. This five-year project related to corruption aims to analyze factors that help or hinder in the development of successful policies for combating corruption. Kosovar Stability Initiative is one of 20 research organizations spread across 15 countries around Kosovo.

IKS has engaged in three out of eleven Work Packages under which this project was organised, namely work package (WP) 4 Ethnography of Corruption, (WP8) EU funding and Corruption, and (WP9) Within these packages, IKS has completed/published three reports: the report on Ethnographic Corruption Study (PP-IV), the report on corruption and the success of foreign donor funding for its fight (PP-VIII) and the report on organized crime and its impact on vulnerable groups with concentration on trafficking of human beings (PP-IX).