Cultural Heritage

Kosovar Stability Initiative aims to contribute to enhancing intercultural dialogue, social cohesion, and economic development through an integrated and inclusive approach to ensure the long-term sustainability of cultural heritage.

Since its inception, IKS has implemented a number of projects and activities in the field of cultural heritage such as Support for the Promotion of Cultural Diversity in Kosovo; Preservation / Cultural restoration.

Additionally, IKS also has the official role of Heritage and Diversity Program Coordinator for Prishtina region, which means responsibility to serve as a supervisor of the Regional Heritage Plan; promote and advocate for protection, maintenance and management of heritage (heritage asset and practices) and cultural and natural diversity; supporting and encouraging the active participation of stakeholders in the development and implementation of the plan.

Recently, IKS is working on signing a memorandum of understanding regarding local economic development through cultural heritage and tourism between seven municipalities of the central region (Prishtina, Podujeva, Gacanica, Drenas, Lipjan, Obiliq and Fushe Kosova).