Social Dialogue

Social Dialogue involves all types of negotiation, consultation or exchange of information between government representatives, employers and employees on issues of common interest in relation to economic and social policies.

Social Economic Council, or, as it was called in the beginning, the Tripartite Council, initially failed to realize the mission for which it was created. The parties had failed to agree on initiating dialogue between the social partners. Consequently, social dialogue has been and remains one of the issues mentioned and recommended in the Progress Reports of the European Commission for Kosovo.

The Social Dialogue is one of the central pillars of the International Labor Organization’s Decent Work Agenda. The European Commission has concluded that there is a need for improvement of social dialogue in Kosovo. For this purpose, since 2013, the project “Supporting Social Partners – PPS” has been initiated, supported by the EU and led by IKS in direct partnership with Friedrich Ebert-Prishtina Foundation (FES), Economic Chamber of Commerce Kosova (KCC), Independent Energy Union of Kosovo (SPEK), Independent Trade Union of Kosovo Metalists (SPMK), Pau Solidarity Foundation (FPS) and Kosovo Center for Gender Studies (KCGG).

From the year 2013, IKS is also involved in implementing sector support projects with elements of political influence and capacity building support. Within the Social Dialogue Program, IKS has carried out a series of activities in drafting content on social dialogue and support for fact-based policy-making, which are summarized in a number of analytical publications and support for the amendment of four basic laws in the field of labor and labor relations.

Technical assistance and building up the infrastructure for social partners has also been a hallmark of IKS’s work on the social dialogue program. Capacity building directly and individually was also a major aspect of IKS’s work alongside promoting and inclusive public campaigns on a wide range of social justice issues.